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Garage Door Service in Maple Valley, WA

Your garage door is a complicated machine and sometimes it's difficult to troubleshoot. If you think your garage door may need repair services or you are in need of maintenance services, give our team at Garage Door Repair of Maple Valley a call. We have decades of garage door service experience in the Maple Valley, Washington area!

Signs That You Need a Repair

If your garage door is acting up it could be due to numerous things. Some of these problems require simple quick fixes such as replacing the batteries in your remote opener or cleaning the area surrounding your sensors. Others require professional attention to fix. Here are some signs that your garage door may need professional repair:

  • Rust - If you notice rust anywhere on your garage door you need to seek immediate repairs. Rust can spread and is essentially a death sentence for garage doors if unattended
  • Loud noises when opening or closing - This could be a sign of rust or your tracks being unbalanced which could lead to your garage door collapsing
  • Garage Door won’t open or close all the way - This could mean something is blocking the area surrounding the sensor or it could be something more sinister. If your sensor is damaged then it may prevent your garage door from closing all the way
  • Damaged or bent panels - A bent panel could cause the collapse of your garage door due to the weight, leaving you and your family in danger

If your garage door is still malfunctioning after several quick fixes, you need professional help. Letting issues with your garage door go unnoticed is an easy and quick way to cause more damage to your door.

We Offer Emergency Repair Services

If you need repairs we can be there to help. We can send a technician to your home within an hour of you calling us to get your garage door back up and running in no time. Our technicians should have the part they need to fix your door in their truck but if not they can place an emergency order to get it ASAP.

We work around the clock so we can help you when you need it most. This means we are available no matter the time of the day or the day of the week. There are no extra charges or fees for midnight or weekend repairs.

Same Day Maintenance Services

On top of our emergency repair services, we also offer same day maintenance services. These maintenance checks are important for the wellbeing of your garage door. In fact, they can increase the lifespan of your garage door by decades.

We will run tests to make sure your garage door is operating as smoothly as possible. We will also perform maintenance services to increase the performance of your garage door and to try and prevent unwanted repairs. Let us make sure that your garage door is working as it should.

We’re Ready to Help

Our team at Garage Door Repair of Maple Valley is always on call for our customers. No matter your garage door service needs we are sure to help. Give us a call today to find out why the people of Maple Valley, Washington love doing business with us.

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